Get Scene 360: Alex White


Get Scene 360: Alex White


Alexander White founded the company in 2013 after successfully working in and opening branch offices for a top agency in the southeast. AWA works with artists of all types and ages to provide the best opportunities in the fields of film, television, commercials, industrials and more. We are dedicated to the establishment of sustainable careers as well as providing opportunities and opening doors to push our clients careers forward. AWA takes a boutique approach to servicing the growing industry in the region, choosing to focus on clients and expose them to more possibilities. Resulting from established relationships in the industry and a trusted work ethic, AWA has a reputation for professionalism and dependability that reflects on the clients we represent.

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Get Scene 360 Format

Students will have the opportunity to experience all three audition scenarios: self tape, in person, and a cold read. Actors will be given mock sides ahead of time and be required to self tape. They will receive feedback and have the opportunity to read again. Afterward they will get a cold read on the spot to improve how they make spontaneous choices. This intensive class will conclude with a Q&A.

  • Age Requirement: 16 years old and up

  • Class Size of 12 students

  • Cold Reads

  • On Camera Work w/ Playback

  • One on One time with instructor

  • The class will conclude with a Q&A