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Get Scene 360: Cathy Reinking


Cathy Reinking, CSA, has been working as a Casting Director since the early '90s, working on Frasier, Arrested Development, According to Jim, and many other shows, pilots, films, web series, commercials, plays - you name the genre, she has cast it. She also served as NBC's Manager of Casting, overseeing many pilots including "The Office," and she holds a degree in theatre arts from UCLA, where she graduated magna cum laude. Cathy has taught acting all around the country, including a semester teaching "Acting and Directing for the Camera," a pilot class at University of Colorado, Boulder, which brought together the film studies and theatre departments. 

Besides teaching and casting, Cathy is a prolific writer, creating her own content. "The British Invasion," in which an Asian-American actor pretends to be British in order to get work, can be found on the 'net, and "The Real Man," in which a black actor who only wants to play uplifting roles has an identity crisis, is making the rounds of the festival circuit. In addition, "The Real Man" won two awards for "Best Short Script" in 2015. In post-production is "All or Nothing," which stars Jayson Warner Smith and Norman Alvarez. Cathy very often writes original content for her classes and does spoken word/stand up events, telling her own stories.

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Get Scene 360 Format

Students will have the opportunity to experience all three audition scenarios: self tape, in person, and a cold read. Actors will be given mock sides ahead of time and be required to self tape. They will receive feedback and have the opportunity to read again. Afterward they will get a cold read on the spot to improve how they make spontaneous choices. This intensive class will conclude with a Q&A.

  • Age Requirement: 16 years old and up

  • Class Size of 12 students

  • Cold Reads

  • On Camera Work w/ Playback

  • One on One time with instructor

  • The class will conclude with a Q&A