Get Scene Studios offers a creative space for actors to not only enhance their craft but also learn more about the business of acting. We have become the fastest growing acting facility in the southeast bringing in agents, casting, and acting coaches from all over the country to share their knowledge and wisdom. If you want to take your career to the next level... You Need To Get Scene!




Our one day intensive classes focus on improving actors' auditions and craft. We also bring in a guests to provide their professional insight to our growing industry. These intensive classes are solely for educational purposes and do not provide a job or hiring of any kind at the conclusion.



Classes are the start, the end, and everything in between when it comes to growing as an actor. Any profession takes lots of work and many hours of practice, and the same is needed to be a professional actor. Classes and training are most important and here at Get Scene we hope you chose us to help you along the way. We are excited to challenge you but also be supportive in your training.


  • External Microphone

  • Professional Lighting

  • Reader Provided

  • No Credit Card Fees

  • No Time Limit

  • By Appointment Only

“There is no failure at Get Scene! Almost every time I take a Get Scene Workshop, I am called in by that Casting Director shortly after for an audition!” - Jamie Miles